Hello!  Welcome to Proper Nosh.  I am all about real food for real people and helping people lead healthier lives by including more plant based foods is at the core of what I do. As a retreat chef it is not only my job but also my pleasure to feed you delicious meals.   Find out more below and throughout this blog.

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My Story

Hello and welcome to Proper Nosh.  My name is Kirsten and I am a plant-based retreat chef.  I love to show people how to make tasty food whilst including more plants in their meals, whether during a retreat/event or virtually via the recipes on this blog. 

My early childhood memories are of my mum cooking and baking in the kitchen and humming a tune.  I must have been around 7 when I started helping more in the kitchen and preparing simple dishes by myself.  Well, I guess I have never stopped since then.

Once I qualified as a fitness instructor, the link between nutrition and health became a real focus for me.  I started running health and wellbeing courses called CoreHealth in Swansea/UK in 2018 with the goal of showing participants small sustainable steps to better health and from that the food side of things developed further.  

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or difficult or exclusively vegan – with the right recipe and some good instructions anyone can take steps to being healthier.  I really want to share what I have discovered so far both via this blog and in person as your retreat chef. 

I look forward to being on this food journey with you xx.

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