Exciting times – a new chef on the block

Exciting times – a new chef on the block

Exciting times here at Proper Nosh. To be honest, the last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. Running my weekly health and wellbeing course with Coreability and getting over the last of this winter’s colds were part of it. With the dreaded lurgy kicked into touch, there is a drumroll-kind of announcement to be made. I gained my qualification as plant-based chef and wellbeing leader (the course is run by the amazing people at Wild Food Cafe)!

Proper Nosh will always be about this: real food for real people. At Wild Food though I was able to hone my presentation skills and learn lots of new techniques. All of this will benefit my work here but I haven’t forgotten my roots and that busy people don’t have time to source edible flowers when supper has to be on the table pronto.

But I hope you will enjoy the positive influence the course has had on me and my cooking. I loved the course and am proud of what I have achieved. It has pushed me and has made me expand my comfort zone. So much so that I have decided to run seasonal pop-ups or supper clubs. Can’t wait to share more on this with you very soon.

For now, I am back in my own kitchen to bring you more yummy food, infused with even greater love for all things plant-based.

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