Five minutes outdoors to connect with nature

Five minutes outdoors to connect with nature

For those of you who have a dog or are keen runners, spending time outdoors is more than likely part of your routine.  Hopefully you get to walk or run in nature and are able to surround yourself with trees, birdsong and breathe in plenty of fresh air.  Fat chance, you might think…

For many of us, our busy lives are largely spend indoors, at work, rushing around and often in front of screens. This means that the connection with our natural environment is less intense or worse, non-existent. But unsurprisingly, research shows that spending even a little time in nature improves mental health and reduces stress. It also has a positive effect on your gut bacteria balance. And it doesn’t take long to feel the positive effects of time spent outside.

Get outdoors with a cute dog in the park
Time for reflection

Spending just a few minutes outdoors to connect with nature is important.  It is calming and grounding.  You soak up some Vitamin D even on overcast days and if you look closely, you can observe so many of the little wonders our planet has to offer.  So, grab a 5 minute break outdoors to get a breath of fresh air.

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