Food waste and what you can do about it

Food waste and what you can do about it
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Few topics make my blood boil as much as the issue of food waste in our Western world.  The amount of food wasted by industry, supermarkets and private households is simply unacceptable.  Just thinking of the resources squandered makes me want to weep.  Have a look at the statistics here.

But luckily there is something every single one of us can do about this: buy only what you realistically need and use up your leftovers.  You can add that slightly limp lettuce from the back of the fridge to a soup. Or without much hassle you can turn leftover vegetables into delicious burgers.  Hey, you can even transform the liquid from a tin of chickpeas into a dessert!- Whisked up, it transforms into an egg white-consistency ideal for puddings and mousse.  Aquafaba is the name of the liquid which has featured for quite a while in vegan cooking. I will post a new video and recipe soon to show you how you can make this into a lovely mango mousse.  And throughout the blog I will keep including tips and tricks like this to reduce the amount of food that is thrown away.

If we all do our bit we may just be able to revert the food waste crisis – let’s get cooking!

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