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“Who is coming for dinner?”

“Who is coming for dinner?”

Well, “who is coming for dinner?” was the exact question I asked a couple of weeks ago when I invited a group of friends and friends of friends to come to the very first Proper Nosh supper club. The aim was to do a trial run of introducing people not only to tasty and healthy plant based food but to also create an evening of community and shared experience.

As the photos hopefully show it was a lovely evening of exactly that: tasty food, conversation, enjoyment and togetherness. As I said in my welcome speech, food is so much more than just eating. Sharing food in great company is one of the things humans have enjoyed since time began. Let’s keep doing this by gathering around a table rather than eating in front of the TV or glued to mobile devices. Focus on the people around you and the food in front of you and this will in itself create a sense of wellbeing. Make the food tasty but healthy and you are already a big step closer to better health. Here’s to sharing food and fun filled times!

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